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Search here to see who was pardoned by Govs. Ben Cayetano, Linda Linda and Neil Abercrombie. Note that some individuals had multiple convictions on different dates.

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GovernorNameOffenseDatePardon Date
Neil AbercrombieBLOOM, JACALYN MLARC-THEFT > 501972-12-112011-11-25
Neil AbercrombiePIERRELOUIS, CHERENFANT SPOUSE ABUSE2010-05-202011-12-23
Neil AbercrombiePIERRELOUIS, CHERENFANT ABUSE FAMILY2010-05-202011-12-23
Neil AbercrombieHINES, SANDRA KDRG PARAPHERNAL1997-03-192012-01-04
Neil AbercrombieHINES, SANDRA KPRO DANG DR 21996-01-102012-01-04
Neil AbercrombieHINES, SANDRA KPRO DANG DR 31997-03-192012-01-04
Neil AbercrombieHINES, SANDRA KPRO DANG DR 31996-01-102012-01-04
Neil AbercrombieTHOMPSON, NATALIE ASSAULT 32003-06-022012-01-04
Neil AbercrombieNAKATA, JAMES SATOSHIDRG PARAPHERNAL1996-11-012012-01-12
Neil AbercrombieNAKATA, JAMES SATOSHIPRO DANG DR 31996-11-012012-01-12
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SOURCE: Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center
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