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These are complaints recorded by AMPCO Express, the company that runs the taxi system at Honolulu International Airport, from 2010 through April 2015. You can use the drop-down menus to search by year, type of complaint or outcome, or you can use the boxes over the complaint and resolution descriptions to search for words like "slow," "dirty" or "lost."

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2013-10-01Complainant reported that driver's vehicle stalled about 3 or 4 times during their trip.Called customer and apologized for the inconvenience. Customer satisfied with the call back. Driver is not running at this time. Driver is in violation of Rule 17: Failure of Taxicab / Driver Inspection and suspended until vehicle repaired plus 2 violation points and Rule 20: Customer Complaints and received another 2 violation points. Total of 4 violation points.
2013-10-14Driver has a history of violations (see file). Customer said the driver complained over and over because he was not tipped. In the process of the investigation, driver was found to have doctored the chit so he could get compensated for a Short Trip when in fact he did not have a Short Trip destination.Driver in violatoin of Rule 20: Customer Complaints and Rule 13: Unethical Practices. Driver received a one week suspension and 4 violation points; 2 points for Customer Complaints for complaining about not getting a tip and 2 points for Unethical Practices.
2012-08-05Complainant stated that driver would not accept a credit card payment which inconvenienced her by having her look for an ATM machine and later having to walk to her apartment. Driver was non-empathetic and unfriendly.This was driver's second violation of Rule 19 - Customer Complaints within a 12 month period. Driver was assessed a 1-week suspension and another 2 violation points.
2012-10-17Customer complained that driver was argumentative and combative and charged her for 1 carry on bag. Driver violated Rule 10: Metered Rates and No Illegal Airport Taxi Surcharges and Rule 19: Customer Complaints.Apology from Ampco accepted and driver counseled, received a first offense of a one week suspension and 4 violation points, incident documented and filed
2012-10-22Customer did not how to use his credit card machine. Customer had to do it for the driver. Customer who is an attorney-at-law almost missed his appointment caused by the delay. Poor service and lack of knowledge on the part of the cab driver.Apology from Ampco accepted and driver counseled, received a one-week suspension and 2 violation points. This was his 2nd violation of Rule 19: Customer Complaints, the first being on 7/18/12.
2011-05-30Switching Loads24 Hour Suspension
2011-11-09Unethical PracticeSuspended 1 week-suspension removed
2010-06-14Refusal of LoadTwo Day suspension w/ 2 pt. Ded.
2010-08-17Refusal of LoadTwo Day suspension w/ 2 pt. Ded.
2014-12-11On 12/11/14 at approximately 0800, the customer took the taxi from HNL to Downtown Honolulu. Customer was going to Fort Street Mall. Customer stated that the driver dropped her off a block away and told her she needed to walk the rest of the way.12/17/14 Driver stated that he was confused when she said the address as 21 something. Explained that the customer wanted a refund. He said no problem. Driver is to mail a check.
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SOURCE: AMPCO Express, Hawaii Department of Transportation;
CREDIT: Dana Williams/Star-Advertiser