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These are complaints recorded by AMPCO Express, the company that runs the taxi system at Honolulu International Airport, from 2010 through April 2015. You can use the drop-down menus to search by year, type of complaint or outcome, or you can use the boxes over the complaint and resolution descriptions to search for words like "slow," "dirty" or "lost."

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2014-06-30Took cab to Queens Hospital. Driver didn't give me a receipt. Paid $28.25 in cash, asked driver for receipt and he took off.Obtained additional information from customer, cut a receipt for her and emailed it to her.
2014-07-08On 7/8/14 at approximately 1100, took this taxi. Didn't pay attention to where the driver was going until she looked up and saw different scenery than expected. Driver was taking Nimitz instead of freeway. When she questioned the driver, he stated he knew which route to take. If she wanted to go via the freeway than she should have told him at the beginning of the ride.Apologized to customer on behalf of driver. She normally wouldn't have called, but she had only $35 and was worrying if she had enough. She stated that it was only $34 so she was OK.
2014-09-29On 8/31/14 caught a cab to Wyndham Waikiki Beach Walk on Lewers street. Driver asked to take us closer to the hotel from the street as I was in a wheelchair. Even after giving him a tip he told us to walk there. Rude and no common courtesy. He gave us his business card with his name and number. Came in on United Airlines and was picked up about 1:00pm by the curb outside Baggage Claim H-1. Don't recall seeing anyone else, did not see or speak to any taxi dispatchers in gold polo shirt/black trouser uniform and did not get an "Aloha" Flyer.Express apologies to customer. Unable to substantiate customer's claim as our records reflect different information for on 8/31/14 and customer states that she had no contact with our dispatchers at curbside and no "Aloha" Flyer which would have the driver's number and our telephone number to call.
2014-05-14Took her friend to catch a taxi, she is unable to walk. Told dispatcher to put her in a cab ASAP. Your company is not handling ADA people properly so call me back or I will report it. (Demanded some kind of adjustment in our system needs to be made to better handle handicapped people. Expect dispatcher to not let her friend stand in line).Spoke with her and asked if her friend was in a wheelchair since she stated that her friend could not walk. She stated that she walks with a cane. I explained our procedures in handling ADA people and that all customers are in line on our on-demand first-come, first serve system. Apologized for the dispatcher not being more sensitive to the issue with her friend, perhaps he could have allowed her to sit on the bench on the side of the load line. She didn't believe in this Aloha Spirit thing.
2014-11-04Just got off a flight and tired, had to wait for driver to find the address on the map, we're local and shouldn't be treated like this.Called the customer and apologized for the driver's delay. (Driver states customer's mother jumps out of taxi because she's ashamed of son's bad manners. Customer did not pay the full fare.)
2014-11-16The driver was the rudest driver I ever had in Hawaii. Did not speak to me if only a little, gave me back my credit card and not even a thank you. Did not help me with my luggage. I did not give him a tip.Contacted customer and apologized for driver's rudeness. Asked how was the driver so rude but customer would only say "I come here often and he's the rudest driver I ever had".
2014-11-20Yesterday a driver dropped off a guest and broke the guest's suitcase. Driver stated that the wheel came off the suitcase when he was unloading the bags. He said he was going to have the suitcase repaired andasked the Manager on Duty if that was ok with guest. I contacted the Manager to inform him, however Manager stated that the hotel had purchased a new suitcase for the guest and there would be no charge to the driver this one time.
2014-11-30Took taxi around 2:45pm going to UH dorm. The driver got lost..he took me to Manoa Valley. I had to give him directions to get to the dorm.Contacted customer and made apologies for driver error. Said thanks for returning his call.
2013-06-23Told dispatcher that he needed to pay by credit card, driver told him he was cash only. Total bill was $40.00 and driver gave him a handwritten receipt which was not legible.Left message with customer to call back. He did the next day and tried to make arrangements to return his cash and charge his credit card. He was leaving later in the day so he declined. He just said that it takes longer for his company to reimburse him when receipts are not via cc receipts.
2013-07-14Customer complained about having to load and unload his own bags, poor driving by driver, complained about being charged on the meter at .60 increments instead of .45 increments, Apologized to customer for poor service. Explained that the .60 he saw on the meter was probably for baggage charge and that distance and time is charged on .45 increments.
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SOURCE: AMPCO Express, Hawaii Department of Transportation;
CREDIT: Dana Williams/Star-Advertiser