Database: Search Honolulu airport taxi complaints

These are complaints recorded by AMPCO Express, the company that runs the taxi system at Honolulu International Airport, from 2010 through April 2015. You can use the drop-down menus to search by year, type of complaint or outcome, or you can use the boxes over the complaint and resolution descriptions to search for words like "slow," "dirty" or "lost."

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2013-07-12Dropped off at the wrong hotel. Paid driver $40 and then had to pay another $15 to get to the correct hotel.Called customer twice and left messages to call back. No response from customer.
2013-07-27Driver took customers to the wrong hotel even though he was given the address.Wrong telephone number.
2011-04-02Wrong destination-overchargeDriver apology accepted by Complainant
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SOURCE: AMPCO Express, Hawaii Department of Transportation;
CREDIT: Dana Williams/Star-Advertiser