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These are complaints recorded by AMPCO Express, the company that runs the taxi system at Honolulu International Airport, from 2010 through April 2015. You can use the drop-down menus to search by year, type of complaint or outcome, or you can use the boxes over the complaint and resolution descriptions to search for words like "slow," "dirty" or "lost."

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2015-03-31 4/7/15 1425 Spoke with complainant. He stated that the driver didn't stop the meter upon arrival at the hotel and he said "What, no tip?" which made him upset.4/9/15 Driver didn’t understand why the customer was upset. Explained to him that it's impolite to ask for a tip. If the driver provides great service that the customer will reward him accordingly. Reminded him that upon arrival, the meter should be turned off. He stated that he forgot. Driver found in violation of Rule 17: Customer Complaint, first offense. Driver is to be suspended for 48 hours starting Friday, April 10, 2015 6:00 a.m. till Sunday, April 10, 2015 5:59 a.m. Driver may return to work on Sunday, April 10, 2015 6:00 a.m.
2014-08-21 Customer stated that the driver was extremely difficult, stalled and delayed leaving with the meter running. The customer also stated that he had to insist that the driver remove his bags out of the trunk so he could take the next cab. This became a big incident with drivers. Customer stated that it reflects poorly on taxi cab drivers in Honolulu.8/25/2014 9:00 AM - Explained the customer complaint to driver. Driver stated that she apologized to young man (other driver) that the customer want to take your car. Driver suspended Tuesday, August 26, 2014 0600 until Thursday, August 28, 2014 0559. Driver may return to work Thursday, August 28, 2014 0600.
2015-04-10 I am in Honolulu, HI. I just encountered one of the most rude taxi drivers I've ever had in my entire life. He kept giving me dirty looks. Would not turn where I asked him to. Treated me as if I were dumb. I'm sure he didn't realize that I actually was a resident in Hawaii and not just visiting. I have never called to complain about anyone but he was extremely rude and I just wanted to let you guys know. I even told him on my way out that he needed to treat his customers with more respect to which he just shook his head and gave me another dirty look. I just thought you guys should know about that. Thank you. Bye. (Voicemail),4/17/15 13:00 p.m. Picked up load from st. 4. I ask customer "Where are you going?" She tells me Nuuanu. I ask "Nimitz or Freeway" She says "Freeway." I take Freeway, then Vineyard. She tell me to go on Nuuanu but so much traffic, I go on Maunakea, turn left on Kukui and then right on Nuuanu. I tell her this way is much faster, save her money otherwise meter go up, up. My credit card machine, no charge on it, it doesn't work. I tell her just $20 cash. She start swearing at me. She gets mad and she throws the money at me. Driver found in violation of Rule 17: Customer Complaint, First Offense. Driver to be penalized with 2 pts and 48 hour suspension. Driver is suspended from Monday, April 20, 0600 till Wednesday, April 22, 2015 0559. Driver may return to work on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 0600.
2015-04-18 I'm calling in regards to a taxi ride that we took last Saturday, a week ago today. We took the taxi from the airport, Honolulu airport to the Pier 2, for the Pride of America cruise. The driver took us on the expressway and I believe that is totally wrong, and I wanted to reconfirm that with you. If you have an opportunity, give me a call back. I'm at the airport; I'm leaving Honolulu now, so I may not be available until tomorrow. Thank you. (Voicemail).4/30/15 Customer was told by another driver that going on the expressway was the wrong way to go. He just wanted us to be aware of it. 4/29/15 1500 Driver stated that he asked the customer which route would he prefer, the freeway or Nimitz? The reason why he asked was the load before was also Pier 2 and he had taken Nimitz and there was traffic. The customer told him whatever the best way is the way he should go. Thus, the driver took the freeway. He did charge the customer for his 4 bags so it added another $2.40 to his fare. Reminded the driver that communication with the customer is always good, as long as everyone is on the same page than there won't be any problems. The mileage of the ride was comparable with a difference of about a mile. Informed the customer when he did return my call that our drivers have two ways to get to Pier 2 and try to choose the fastest route possible. Thanked him for the call and for bringing up his concern.
2015-04-16About 20 minutes ago, we got dropped off at the Airport Hotel. It was roughly 2:40 p.m. Anyway, the fare was $29.99 from the airport to the hotel. All the indications are that is way over the top. Not only that but we only had 3-4 carry on bags, all pretty small, no big luggage. When he got to the back of the hotel, all the gates were closed; the driver said he had to driver around to the front. Meanwhile, when we got to the hotel, the front desk people said all the drivers know that the back gates are closed. It was $29 bucks, he didn't stop talking the entire time, and he drove us all over the place. I just don't think that's the kind of service you want to be giving. (Voicemail).4/17/15 1345 hours. Picked the customer up at station 4. They had lots of luggage, party of 3, husband, wife, and kid. They were from New Jersey. There was a lot of traffice so while driving, I pointed out places to them like the McDonald's since we weren't moving very quickly. I took Paiea, Nimitz, U turn on Nimitz and into the Airport Hotel. I don't know why the customer say I charge him that much. 4/27/15 1130 hours. Asked the customer if he had a receipt. He doesn't. I informed him that I checked my driver's paperwork and he disputes the fact that he overcharged the customer. Without a receipt, there is nothing else I can do in this matter.
2014-06-10Airport to Kahala is usually only $47 plus I gave driver tip. Then he charge me $5 per bag. I never pay for bags before. Usually leave tip for bags when I travel to Europe. I had a 70# bag, 2 boxes and a carry on bag. $47.35 + $20 for bags + $3 tip equal $70 total.Driver charged $5 each for 2 "very heavy" boxes, claims customer first tip him $8 then after taking her bags into the house customer tipped him another $5 ($47 fare + $10 for 2 boxes, + $8 + $5 for tips equal $70 total. Driver refunded $10 to customer with letter of apology).
2011-05-31Arguing with CustomerFinal Corrective Action written on Dispatcher
2011-01-05Arguing with CustomerWritten Warning with 2 point deduction
2011-04-05Arguing with Customer/bgge feesWritten Warning with 2 point deduction
2010-07-10Blew horn at another customerWritten Warning with two point deduction
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SOURCE: AMPCO Express, Hawaii Department of Transportation;
CREDIT: Dana Williams/Star-Advertiser